Amnesty International в России объявляет вакансию веб-редактора

Основные обязанности веб-редактора – обеспечение активного "присутствия" Amnesty International в русскоязычном онлайн-пространстве: поддержание и развитие сайта организации, проведение онлайн-акций, работа с рассылкой, подписками и социальными сетями. Хорошее владение русским и английским языком – обязательно.


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Job vacancy – Web Officer. One year contract with possible extension. Moscow

Promoting and protecting human rights is a huge task and to maximise human rights awareness Amnesty International needs to be at the forefront of web technology. That's why we need you to ensure e- activism growth both in Russia and in the FSU countries, helping us to engage with and reach more people than ever before.

About the role

Working as part of a team under the supervision of the AI Russia Office Director and in coordination with the Campaigner and the rest of the team, you will develop and maintain Amnesty International's web presence in the region to ensure maximum impact by posting news, promoting urgent actions and facilitating debates on social networks and in the blogosphere, striving to build up the community and help increase activism. It's about growing our online presence, supporting and engaging e-activists in the region and reaching new audiences, which is particularly important in areas where Amnesty do not have a physical presence. So as well as maintaining the necessary technologies, liaising with internal teams and external suppliers, you'll take the initiative on identifying new developments and providing tools for increasing web activism while taking part in global social media and online campaigns where appropriate.

About you

An experienced web operator with textual and multimedia Drupal skills, ideally with some knowledge of Wordpress, you will be expert at using and safely updating modern content management systems. You'll of course be confident using technology in an innovative, engaging way, knowing exactly how to adapt a message to appeal to any target audience with a good sense of style, usage and appropriateness in both Russian and English. Not only that you'll know how to promote it through the spectrum of online mediums, including social networks such as facebook, vkontakte and blogging platforms like livejournal. Your expert web skills will extend to some knowledge of search engine optimization and system administration. And as well as that an ability to work in a multicultural environment, confidence working to tight deadlines as part of a self-managed team is essential while fluency in both spoken and written English and Russian is absolutely required.

About us

Our aim is simple: an end to human rights abuses. Independent, international and influential, we campaign for justice, freedom and truth wherever they're denied. Already our network of over three million members and supporters is making a difference in 150 countries. And whether we're applying pressure through powerful research or direct lobbying, mass demonstrations or online campaigning, we're all inspired by hope for a better world. One where human rights are respected and protected by everyone, everywhere.

For more information and to apply, please visit

Правозащитный центр "Мемориал" объявляет конкурс на замещение должности исполнительного директора.


  • обеспечение руководства текущей административно-хозяйственной и финансовой деятельностью Центра, в том числе:
    • ведение штатного расписания и должностных инструкций сотрудников; прием на работу и увольнение сотрудников;
    • координация текущей деятельность программ и проектов, контроль над ней; получение от руководителей программ и проектов информации о ходе их работы;
    • участие в заседаниях Совета Центра, информирование Совета о проблемах и срывах в работе программ и проектов; вынесение на Совет предложений об изменении плана работы программ или проектов;
    • привлечение финансирования для уставной деятельности Центра, участие в оценке потребностей программ и проектов, в составлении заявок на получение грантов (пожертвований);
    • подготовка и представление Общему собранию членов ПЦ "Мемориал" ежегодного отчета о деятельности Центра, участие в подготовке отчетов для Совета Центра и спонсоров;
    • несение ответственности за результаты и законность деятельности Центра.


  • место работы — Москва, офис в центре (пешком от метро),
  • полный рабочий день,
  • официальное оформление,
  • зарплата от 60000 руб. (по результатам собеседования).


  • опыт работы в правозащитной организации/среде крайне желателен,
  • отличное знание английского и русского языка,
  • знание MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point),
  • желание работать в правозащитной организации/среде,
  • ответственность, коммуникабельность, энергичность.

Резюме направляйте на адреса [email protected] и [email protected] c указанием темы "Мемориал. Исполнительный директор".


Правозащитный центр "Мемориал" ищет юриста

Правозащитному центру "Мемориал" требуется старший юрист со знанием английского языка. Должность старшего юриста в программе "Memorial HRC- EHRAC" – отличная возможность сделать вклад в развитие авторитетного международного проекта по правам человека.

Vacancy - Legal Director/Senior Lawyer Ehrac-Memorial Joint Project

The Memorial Human Rights Centre (Memorial HRC) works in partnership with the European Human Rights Advocacy Centre (EHRAC), which is based at London Metropolitan University. This joint initiative operates from a dedicated project office within the Memorial HRC in Moscow and in several other regional offices. This project was previously funded by the European Commission and is now supported by multiple grant-making trusts. The Memorial HRC-EHRAC joint project is currently working on around 205 cases.

EHRAC’s primary objective is to assist individuals, lawyers and NGOs within the Russian Federation to take cases to the European Court of Human Rights, doing this by enabling the transfer of knowledge, building partnerships and enhancing the capacity of the Russian human rights community, as well as raising awareness of human rights violations in these countries. For more information about Memorial HRC and EHRAC, please visit: and

The EHRAC-Memorial HRC joint project is currently recruiting for a Legal Director/Senior Lawyer to work in the Memorial HRC- EHRAC Moscow project office. This is an exciting opportunity to make a significant contribution to the development of the next stages of an established and respected international human rights project.

Job Description for the Post of Legal Director/Senior Lawyer

The Overall Aim

To manage and provide strategic leadership and direction to the legal team in Moscow in conducting litigation before the European Court of Human Rights. This litigation is seeking not only to provide victims of human rights abuses in the Russian Federation with legal redress, but also to lead to wider changes in law, policy and practice.

Main Responsibilities

In conjunction with the EHRAC Director and the Director of the Memorial HRC, to carry out the following:

1. Co-ordinate and manage the legal team in the EHRAC-Memorial HRC office in Moscow.

2. Develop, oversee and refine the strategic direction and implementation of all litigation activity within the project’s focus (see below): developing an ECHR test case strategy; identifying applications which have the potential to be successful at the ECHR, with a particular focus on cases which, if successful, will have the most significant effects on the development of the relevant law, policy and practice.

3. Proactively developing new areas of strategic ECHR litigation for the project.

4. Broad advocacy in support of the work of the project: within international organisations, including the Council of Europe; with state bodies; with civil society organisations; with the press, broadcast and new media.

5. Manage and support the work of the regional lawyers/fieldworkers (including travel to the regions), thereby developing effective communications with the Moscow office, and foster the development of networks of co-operating lawyers from different regions.

6. Develop and implement internal case tracking systems to facilitate regular monitoring and compliance with case-related deadlines.

7. Overseeing a high quality of written legal submissions and pleadings (including ensuring stylistic and methodological consistency), through support and review.

8. Establish and secure compliance with internal systems for efficiently managing all stages of litigation.

9. Develop and oversee a resource databank of legal materials.

10. Casework: preparation of applications to the ECHR; maintaining correspondence with the registry at the ECHR; preparation of cases for Strasbourg representation; drafting of observations on admissibility, merits and just satisfaction.

11. Support for and liaison with applicants (including obtaining instructions from the applicants as required; keeping applicants informed about the progress of cases; maintaining regular contact with applicants.)

12. Manage and/or contribute to, as required, the Bulletin, website and other project publications.

13. Incorporate into litigation activity opportunities for legal capacity development of the Moscow legal team and regional lawyers on the practice and procedure of the ECHR.

14. Overseeing reporting to, and communicating effectively with, the London office, including the provision of case documents, updating on the progress of cases, and the submission of a monthly report.

15. Identifying and utilising other avenues of potential legal redress internationally (including UN special procedures, treaty-based mechanisms and other Council of Europe institutions).

Main (indicative) areas of litigation

1. Protection of the victims of armed conflicts (Chechnya).

2. Victims of various forms of discrimination (on ethnic, religious grounds etc.).

3. Freedom of expression and association (e.g. media and NGOs).

4. Violations arising in the criminal and civil justice systems.

5. Victims of ‘hazing’ within the armed forces.

6. Environmental issues.

7. Children’s rights.

8. Such other categories of work as are agreed in conjunction with the project lawyers in Moscow and London.

9. Women’s rights.

Qualifications and Person Specification

1. Substantial experience litigating cases in domestic and international legal systems.

2. Extensive professional experience in the field of human rights (including training and awareness raising skills).

3. Strong management skills and ability to manage effectively multiple projects in a fast paced environment

4. Good initiative and ability to work both independently and with others

5. Fluency in Russian and English, excellent oral and written communication, and analytic skills

The position is based in the dedicated Memorial HRC-EHRAC joint project office in Moscow.

Salary range:

From €1,700 Euro (incl. income tax) per month. Negotiable depending on relevant expertise and experience.

Deadline for applications 1 July 2012

Please apply with a CV and covering letter in English explaining how your education and professional experience qualify you for this position, your motivations for applying, and your interest in human rights to:

Tina Devadasan Project Manager [email protected]
tel: ++44(0)20 7133 5087
fax: ++44(0)20 7133 5173
European Human Rights Advocacy Centre
222 Ladbroke House, 62-66 Highbury Grove, London N5 2AD, UK

Please note that applications in Russian or without a covering letter will not be considered.

Правозащитный центр "Мемориал" ищет сотрудника пресс-службы



Работать с нами интересно и не скучно, потому мы ищем интересного и нескучного человека.


Работа в сотрудничестве с пресс-секретарем:

  • редактирование и развитие сайта
  • помощь в подготовке и распространении пресс-релизов (редактирование русских и английских текстов) (см. и
  • продвижение организации в соц. сетях
  • Пмощь в организации пресс-конференций, написание анонсов и пост-релизов о пресс-конференциях и прочих мероприятиях
  •  организация интервью/встреч сотрудников ПЦ "Мемориал"
  •  помощь проектному менеджеру в подготовке отчетов организации
  • работа над годовым отчетом «Мемориала»
  •  подготовка к изданию и выпуск различных публикаций организации (монографии, сборники, иллюстрированные отчеты)
  •  Работа со стажерами, нахождение и привлечение стажеров (университеты, межд. НКО программы), ведение учета стажеров (анкета, контакты, сроки) определение обязанностей: график, контроль работы.


  • место работы — Москва, офис в центре (пешком от метро)
  • полный рабочий день
  • официальное оформление
  •  зарплата от 30000 руб. (по результатам собеседования)


  • отличное знание английского и русского языка (на уровне перевода и редактуры)
  • знание MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point)
  • базовые знания HTML и принципов редактирования сайта желательны
  • умение искать и находить информацию в интернете
  •  желание работать в правозащитной организации/среде

О чем еще важно знать, принимая решение отправить нам резюме:

  • инициатива не наказуема
  • настойчивость желательна
  • отличное знание русского и английского языка — это наше серьезное требование

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Присылайте резюме и сопроводительное письмо (почему к нам и почему именно Вы) пресс-секретарю Юлии Климовой [email protected] и Дарье Прошко [email protected].