Remembering the Victims

On Moscow’s Lubyanka Square throughout the day people are taking part in the annual act of remembrance “Return of the names”. Taking turns, all those who wish to take part in the action near the Solovky Stone on Lubyanka Square (opposite the Security Service, now FSB) between 10.00 and 22.00 read aloud the list of victims of Stalin’s repressions. They read the first and last name, age, profession and date of execution.



At the same time an exhibition dedicated to the victims of repression will run throughout the day directly on the Square. The stands show photographs of buildings constructed by prisoners, monasteries, turned into labour camps during the Soviet years and apartment blocks where the trials took place.

The Memorial Human Rights Centre has organized this remembrance action on the eve of Remembrance Day for the Victims of Political Repression for several years now.

According to Memorial records, just in Moscow from 1937-1938 more than 30 thousand people were executed. During the Soviet years estimates of the number of people who suffered politically motivated repression range from 10-15 million people, of whom around 1.5 million were executed.

"Human Rights in Russia" (
Translated by "Human Rights in Ukraine"